What can improve fertility in 2019? In addition to classical medical methods, complementary treatments are also widely used to improve fertility. If you are planning a pregnancy, the following five top types of alternative treatments can be helpful for you.

In the modern medical world, alternative therapies, which can increase fertility rates, are considered complementary. Modern studies show that alternative therapies surely improve the mental state of future parents. However, before considering these treatments, patients should have a good understanding of the associated risks and benefits, much as they would with conventional therapies.

Popular complementary methods to help treat fertility issues:

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture uses thin needles that are punctured at specific points on the surface of the skin. It is essential that that this method affects the body’s hormones and facilitates blood flow, which allows an increase in the number of acupuncture methods that could support modern reproductive care in order to work more efficiently, such as IVF / IVF programs. It is postulated that this therapy is able to release the flow of energy, so that the patient can function better.

  • Herbs

In addition to drugs, herbal therapy is widespread. In 2019, people attach weight to theory that some herbal medicines increase fertility and support the ovulation process in a natural way. However, the consumption of this drug should be careful and should consult a doctor. Although herbal products, it does not mean without the risk of side effects. In addition, not all plant products have sufficient scientific evidence of their effectiveness in increasing fertility.

  • Hypnotherapy

The goal of hypnotherapy, to help patients become more relaxed and reduce anxiety, will be the lack of a child, as well as many other problems. It is believed that reducing stress levels can improve the quality of sex hormones and the hormonal balance in general, which can increase fertility and the likelihood of pregnancy.

  • Yoga

According to experts, yoga is a relaxation technique that reduces stress and helps balance hormones. Although this has not yet been confirmed by scientific 2019 studies. Yoga can train someone’s assumption that his body can work well, so that the goal of pregnancy is easier to achieve.

  • Massage

Being under pressure to get pregnant is very difficult for women, so it can affect ovulation and menstrual regularity. Massage can help relieve stress and relax muscles. Nevertheless, before going to beauty center, you should firstly consult your doctor and provide the therapist with information about your complaints and medical history.

However, alternative or complementary treatment options do not work for intended parents; they can use surrogacy agencies, as many modern families did in 2018-2019. Among celebrity couples who have welcomed children from surrogates are: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen, Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance, Nicole Kidman with Keith Urban and etc. If you really want to have children, nothing will stop you.