It has been proven throughout the years that vaping is healthier to your lungs than smoking, and when you add to that an ingredient that can help you with anxiety, pain, or stress relief, you will get CBD vaping oil. For this kind of liquid, you need to have a special vape pen and it needs to be higher quality than an average pen.

There are many advantages of cannabidiol over e-liquid most vaporizers are using, but in most cases taste isn’t as good. The price depends on how strong is it, so for 75mg of CBD in 15ml bottle it will cost you around $15, and the stronger 250mg will cost around $40. You can find a lot of information about CBD vape oil online, from the different flavors to how much of it you need to take and when. You should always consult with someone about the concentration of CBD you will need.

What to look out for?

Even if it has many benefits, there are some dangerous things you should look into when vaping CBD oil. One thing to look for in good vape oil is whether or not it has undergone the process of winterization. Hemp plant material contains a waxy outer layer called cuticle wax which doesn’t burn away when used in low-temperature vaporizers. Over time, it is speculated that these waxes may perhaps build up in the form of tiny granulomas and settle in the lungs. The process of winterization removes the cuticle wax from the raw plant material.

Another thing to look out for is the presence of chemical solvents and toxic thinning agents named Propylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol. These compounds are added to many CBD vape oils in order to lower the viscosity of the liquid. The problem is that both PG and PEG have been known to break down into Carcinogenic Aldehydes. Most vape pens can’t reach the temperature needed for it to break down, but still, it is better to prevent it.


A great thing about PureKana is that it is free of all bad solvents, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers that can harm you. There are many techniques you can use to extract the CBD from the plant, and this company has a unique CO2 method to make the purest CBD oil. It can’t be 100% pure, but the quality is among the best.

Also, what you should know about this oil is that it doesn’t have a taste. They think it should be all natural, and considered as a nutritional supplement. The main focus is to treat patients with anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, and sleep disorders.

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads is one of the oldest company on the market, and because of that, they have a full range of products containing cannabidiol. The advantage they have over other companies is that they have a worldwide delivery for those countries that accept this kind of products. The results of testing the oil are available for everyone to see.

The best-rated product they make is the 350mg oil which can be used with a vaping pen. It is vegetable glycerin based, and there are some feedbacks telling that it works great for epilepsy, depression, addiction, lack of focus, or stress. It is a high dosage product, so maybe it is smarter to start with something with a lower dosage and then gradually increase.

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CBD Pure

CBD Pure has the same method of extracting cannabidiol as PureKana with minor variations. The difference between this product and some better rated is that they have a guarantee to give you your money back for 90 days. They are also certified in the U.S. and the price 100mg extract is $30.

To someone, it is an advantage not to have a wide range of products because it is harder to decide what to buy. They offer all the way up to 600 mg oil extract. Also, some credit goes to them because they are smaller than top-rated CBD companies, so for a small company, they are doing a great job. When you get quality CBD oil for vaping, it has to go with a high-quality vaporizer. They are specially made for these oils, so using a basic pen won’t work.