Many individuals have proven the health benefits of a bidet in one’s home. Aside from keeping oneself clean and feeling comfortable after using the toilet, a bidet helps alleviate if not entirely save one from acquiring health-related issues.

So if you are contemplating on having a bidet at home, BodyTrilogy makes a compilation of the health benefits of having one installed. Kohler toilet seats have features that justify their effectiveness to help promote health and hygiene.

Avoid Itchy Behind

An itchy bottom sometimes happens because of irritation. One may be irritated with the kind of toilet paper used especially those perfumed ones. Or most probably, one wasn’t able to clean oneself thoroughly after pooping. There was some fecal matter left within the area that causes the itchiness. With a bidet, there is no excuse for even the hard to reach area not to be washed properly.

Clean Vaginal Discharge

Though it is normal for some women to have vaginal discharge, sometimes, too much can be uncomfortable already. Some discharge may also emit foul smell which makes one feel not too confident with oneself.

With the use of a bidet, one then gets to regularly wash her behind, flushing out the excessive or foul-smelling discharge. Sometimes, the excessive release left on the underwear turns yellow to green color and begins to smell bad.

Care for Postpartum Hygiene

Same with women who had just given birth, having a bidet helps them to wash quickly.  The fresh water also gives instant clean, new feeling, and soothing sensation. For bidet with added feature like warm water, it helps more a newly given birth mother to maintain proper hygiene and avoid infection.

Restore Independence Among Physically Challenged Person

Physically challenged individuals sometimes feel helpless and insecure because of their physical limitation. With a bidet to use after each bathroom break, their confidence in themselves may be restored. With just one push on the button or a few clicks, they can quickly wash themselves hands-free. More than the regaining confidence, they also get to enjoy their privacy more.

Good Stimulator

A bidet is a good stimulator to help individuals release toxins from their body when they’re experiencing constipation. The water it squirts eases the strain they are experiencing and helps stimulate bowel movement by relaxing the muscles that control the anus. This painless and natural way to alleviate constipation is way better than any over-the-counter medication.

Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

One of the advantages of regularly using a bidet after each toilet habit is keeping self-clean. Water cleans faster and thoroughly than any tissue paper. With no other fiber or bacteria left, this also prevents one from obtaining urinary tract infection or UTI.

Happy Disposition

A bidet may appear to be just a simple toilet fixture, but the comfort and benefit it gives are beyond its purpose. Feeling clean and comfortable would surely help one function better. And without any itchy sensation or irritable feeling from below, anyone will be in a better position to complete a task, even start a project or just feel clean and fresh.