Puffing and huffing during pregnancy ceases to be common? The dream of every woman would be to have a stress free and painless experience. Respiratory disease in pregnancy medication would help you to cope up with breathing issues.

As per medical experts if a patient experiences shortness of breath all of a sudden and faces issues in breathing, it is better to get in touch with a doctor on an immediate basis. Sometimes it could be accompanied by chest pains that might worsen the condition.

Let us now figure out the main reasons why shortness of breath occurs

  • Increase in body weight- in the 9 months of your pregnancy the average body weight of a woman or you could say that a healthy body mass index varies from 18.5 to 22.9. They are expected to gain between 11.3 to 15.9 kg. This puts considerable stress on their body which causes shortness of breath
  • Water retention- Some women are known to suffer from oedema which is a severe form of water retention occurring at a massive level when you are pregnant. When the water retention affects the lungs or the nasal sinuses it paves way for breathing difficulties.
  • Anaemia- the body is known to make use of the current iron stores in your body that helps the red blood cells to carry oxygen all around the body. You are known to be anaemic if you suffer from iron deficiency. The body would then need to work overtime to ensure more oxygen that would lead to shortage of breath. For this reason it is suggested that pregnant women need a high supply of iron supplements to pep up their iron stores
  • An increase in the level of pregnancy hormones like progesterone. This sends out a signal to the brain to take deeper breaths as long as oxygen is needed for the mother and the developing baby. A situation could arise where you are constantly short of breath. Respiratory disease in pregnancy could provide a welcome relief from this change.
  • The uterus is at an expanding phase and this is going to put pressure on the abdomen. An enlarged womb would prevent the diaphragm from expanding full when you breathe. The would be mothers are known to take short breaths or might be breathlessness. The expanded uterus could lead to heartburn and this might also pave way for shortness of breath.
  • Lung, asthma or heart conditions- All these underlying conditions contribute to shortness of breath, it would be best to consult a doctor to help them manage these.

In order to cope up with the issues of breathlessness during the first trimester of pregnancy it is suggested to opt for a balance diet and opt for regular exercise sessions. The exercises should be ones that you can do during the times of pregnancy. At the same time have iron supplements as well.  In order to cope up with the breathing issues, sleep on your left side with your head in an elevated position.