You bet he does! Knowing where they are and how to arouse them is the key to getting him wild in bed.

The next time you are about to start having sex, try this: touch your man gently all over and note how he responds with a sharp intake of breath when you go over certain parts of his skin. You’ve probably hit his erogenous zones – and he is super aroused by it!

Where are the erogenous zones for men?

Popular culture and mass media will have you believe that the only erogenous zone for a man is his penis. However, though the genital area is certainly rich with nerve endings, there are other parts of his body that you cannot ignore during sex. Any part of the skin that has several nerve endings, can be stimulated with certain kinds of touching to arrive at sexual arousal.

Some of the soft-ignored erogenous zones for men are:

  • The nape
  • Shoulder blades
  • Behind the ears
  • The inner arm
  • Sides of the torso
  • Nipples
  • Inner thigh
  • Behind the knee

And you thought he only gets going with genital stimulation!

Touching, caressing, licking or sucking these erogenous zones can add to his arousal during sex. However, most men can orgasm during oral and/or penetrative sex only, and not just with stimulation of the above-mentioned zones.

Sex education for adults 101: Know the key points to arousal

Arousal is the state that precedes orgasm. The duration and intensity of arousal can vary from one man to another. It happens when the erogenous zones of a man are stimulated with touch. However, there are some things you can bear in mind to make him come explosively every time:

* Change the rhythm: You must alternate between fast and slow speeds, and using different ways to arouse him. For instance, if you have just started giving him oral sex, then start slow but then build up the tempo – and then slow down again. Maintaining the same rhythm for more than a minute can become monotonous and may eventually slow down his arousal.

* Use everything you can: Use your tongue, fingers, lips and even your eyelashes to tickle and arouse him. All of them provide different textures, sensations and intensities, which make him wild with desire.

* He needs to touch you, too. Many men need to touch their partners’ bodies even while they are being pleasured. They don’t like to lie inert, and are not fully aroused unless they are touching or probing their partner’s body – so let him do it while you continue to work on him.

* Sex toys can help: Have you tried using a vibrator on a man? Vibrators do much more than provide a means to an orgasm for women. Use it on a slow speed on his testicles, or his anus, or with gentle pressure on his frenulum, and he will soon be moaning and writhing in bed.