Protein powders and bars are among the most popular supplements in the world, and that is especially true for bodybuilders.

We need protein to repair and build our muscles, after all, and supplements make it pretty easy to take in enough.

You may think you’re limited in just how you can take in the 150-200 grams (or more) of protein that you need every day, but that’s just not true.

With a little creativity, you can keep your meals and snacks fun and tasty. Here are 7 different ways to take protein supplements that just might help you think of even more.

Post-Workout Shake

You use up a lot of calories and nutrients, including protein, during a hard workout. You’re going to be hungry, too, so you’ll want to get some protein in your belly and amino acids flowing through your blood as soon as possible.

Mix up some whey in water, juice, or milk and swig it down, and you’ll be on your way to filling up.

In Your Morning Cereal

Cereal may not the BEST food you can eat when you first wake up, but it can be a decent way to get in some whole grain and vitamins if you choose the right product.

You can make your cereal even better if you sprinkle it with a scoop of protein powder. A good vanilla whey supplement will add 30 grams of protein to your breakfast and make those Cheerios a tasty treat.

Mixed in Water as a Snack

Bodybuilders found out a long time ago that keeping our muscles fed throughout the day generally works better than a feast-or-famine approach. Because of that, most of us snack between meals.

Mix protein powder with water and use it to wash down some nuts or maybe a granola bar to keep your blood sugar stable and your muscles happy.

Beef Up Your Milk

Milk can be a great bodybuilding food, and it tastes good with many of the foods that we love. Even so, one cup of moo juice provides just eight grams of protein, which is only about a quarter of what most bodybuilders take in at every meal.

Mix some protein powder into every glass you drink to give your milk a serious boost.

Baked Goods

Bodybuilders like to stay lean, and that means eating healthy nearly all the time. That doesn’t mean that our food has to be bland, though.

By choosing natural sugar substitutes like stevia, using oat flour in place of white, and substituting apple sauce or omega-3 spread for butter, we can enjoy baked goods that won’t kill our diets but still taste great. Add in some protein powder, and those muffins can even help you build muscle.

Fruit Smoothies

Everybody loves fruit smoothies, and if you don’t, it’s just because you haven’t found the right combination for you yet.

Nothing beats the thick and creamy exotic sweetness that smoothies can bring you, and adding protein to the mix makes them even better. Because fructose can give you a nice insulin kick, drinking a protein fruit smoothie after you work out can jump start your muscle recovery.

Protein Bars

Not all protein supplements come in the form of a powder. In fact, probably the most convenient form of all is that good old standby, the protein bar.

In the early days of protein bars, they were usually dry and tasted terrible, OR they were loaded with sugar and fat.

Today, though, you can find bars that suit just about any dietary need, and you can take them with you anywhere for a quick shot of the good stuff.

Heck, you can even make your own protein bars if you really want to customize your nutrition.

Not So Boring

Eating right and building muscle don’t have to be boring. Protein powders and bars are among the most versatile foods you will ever eat, so enjoy all of the different ways that you can take your supplements for health and taste.

Contributed by The Bodybuilder’s Cookbook