Technology is constantly becoming more complex yet easier to use, as paradoxical as that may sound. Consumer technology is growing more quickly than any other type of tech; this is most likely true – not just “most likely,” but certainly true – because consumers are far more interested in getting the next iPhone, the newest Xbox One pre-orders, smartwatches, interactive home speaker devices like the Amazon Echo and Apple Homepod, and any of the many other hot pieces of technology out on the market.

Healthcare, unfortunately, is lagging behind in terms of how quickly its collective arsenal of technology is getting updated. Even though physicians in the United States have to attend higher education for a minimum of eight years – even more if those hopeful doctors want to specialize in particular niches of the market.

Not too long ago, Eric Lefkofsky sat down at the Motel Bar with a journalist from A Drink With, a publication that specializes in interviews with some of the most prominent names in tech, business, cinema, and every other corner of the world you could think of.

His interview covered quite a few topics, many of which were related to Groupon. Let’s detail some of the most important aspects of that one-on-one question session.

Eric Lefkofsky worked at Groupon as its Chief Executive Officer for just short of two years – he’s still Groupon’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, though he isn’t required to check in while in person at Groupon’s campus.

How did Eric spend his days while he was still a part of Groupon?

He didn’t found Groupon, unlike most of the other entrepreneurial endeavors he has worked for throughout the years after his 1993 graduation from the College of Law at the University of Michigan.

Mr. Lefkofsky shared with the journalist at A Drink With that he usually got up at five in the morning without an alarm clock – the earlier you go to sleep, the earlier you wake up, and Eric enjoyed going to sleep early because he always tries to remember that the proverbial early bird gets the worm. Eric shared with the interviewer that he used to work out almost every morning while he was the short-lived Chief Executive Officer of Groupon.

All considered, Eric Lefkofsky reported spending “like 12 minutes” on lunch, though he’d typically leave at 6:00 or 6:30 p.m.; “so it’s 12 power hours and then I’m home.”

What is the University of Michigan School of Law graduate up to now?

Mr. Lefkofsky is still involved in more businesses than one can reliably count on two hands, though he’s far more deeply invested in Tempus than any other or group of others. Tempus is a healthcare technology company that essentially full of data scientists trying to make sense of current and former cancer patients’ records so that reliable connections between this, that, and everything related to their health can be found.

Tempus is particularly involved in the concept of precision medicine, a model for practicing medicine by which individual patients’ treatments, applications of standard medical practice, and even one-of-a-kind products are customized just for the particular patient in question.

What drives Mr. Lefkofsky to persevere in his line of work?

In the past, before Eric became a billionaire – he’s worth roughly $2.2 billion as it stands – he claims that money was practically his sole motivator. Today, earning millions of dollars in single transactions isn’t as nearly as important as it once was. Rather, what drives him is the idea that “[He has] a chance to build something or help build something that really is going to change the world in a long-lasting way.