Our body is very sensitive and at times it becomes very essential to visit a doctor during certain pains or emergencies. The alarm that our body gives to us when it faces too much of abdominal pain or slight discomfort in the abdominal area, the problem might be self-limited or requires a serious medical condition. Thus, all such pains should not be neglected and taken serious care by visiting a doctor. In such cases, one can see a general surgeon in Hyderabad who can help in diagnosing the cause of such pain.

Some of the common causes of abdominal pain- Our abdomen contain many important organs like the stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, kidney and other reproductive organs. Any small problem with any of these organs or even the muscles or blood vessels related to such organs can lead to severe or slight abdominal pains. Whereas, the common cause in layman language known to us for pain in such areas as due to-

  • Indigestion or gas- Any small intestinal bloating, discomfort or flatulence may cause gas. Thus, one should make proper food choices before just simply taking an intake of any food related to the production of gas in the intestines. These food substances are not digested properly at the stomach level and they move to intestines where the bacteria break them down resulting in production of gas.
  • Gall stones- Just thinking of the word stone in our body-it is the pain that just comes to our mind. But in most of the cases, having a stone in the gall bladder may not cause any pain during the lifetime and may be diagnosed just because of some other analysis. Some common symptoms of gall bladder stone attacks are pain in the upper right abdomen, pain in right shoulder, nausea and vomiting with slight pain in between the shoulder blades. If the gall bladder stones block the ducts for a longer period of time they may cause severe harm to the organ. Thus, once the problem is diagnosed a proper treatment should be made.
  • Appendix- Also known as the appendicitis is a small structure in the form of a tube that is attached to the large intestine. Once the problem starts there is no medical science or treatment that can cure it except getting it removed. Its removal causes no change in the digestive system and the patients do recover without any difficulty.
  • Hernia- This problem can happen in many various areas of the body. It is simply the cause of a hole or a weakness in the muscles that later allows the organ to bulge causing defect. The abdominal pressure in the body is increased with many activities like coughing, sneezing, crying, etc that leads to change in the size of hernia. The problem of hernia becomes an emergency when there is severe pain at site.

Thus, besides the above discussed problems there are many other pains in the abdomen which might need the assistance of a doctor. In many cases the general surgeon in Hyderabad can deal with the severe pain situation easily. Therefore, never wait for any pain to become more alarming and visit a doctor on regular basis.