The number and overall frequency of seizures epilepsy sufferers experience on a day to day basis is dramatically reduced when they use cannabis each day, according to a UK based university. This latest piece of independently backed research adds credence and supports the mountain of anecdotal evidence that points to the fact that cannabis plays a key role in the treatment of epilepsy. There are a number of strains which are known to be most effective at reducing the number of seizures. Here is just a few of them, with thanks to for their recommendations.

Charlotte’s Web

This is arguably the most popular and well-known strain used by Epilepsy sufferers. It helps with reducing the frequency of seizures particularly well. Before using this strain however, we would certainly recommend that you build up a tolerance for the psychoactive THC in this strain before using it on a regular basis.

Grape Kush

The second strain we would recommend is Grape Kush. This is a strain that is characterized by a relatively low concentration of CBD of around 2%. The good thing about this strain is that is possible to be used at night. This means it is not suitable for use during the day, as it will make you tired and interfere with your concentration. Users love the taste of the strain, which makes it enjoyable and pleasant to use each day. The mood of users of Grape Kush is also noticeably better too, which is good for those with symptoms of depression.

Blue Dream

Another strain we would recommend is Blue Dream. This is a great strain to choose if you are looking for a Sativa dominant hybrid. There is a little bit of mystery in this strain, as the breeders of this strain are unknown. Some of the effects include a full body relaxation effect, coupled with an uplifting cerebral euphoria, which is commonly seen in pure Sativa strains.

Because of the relatively high psychoactive THC levels of around 20%, we would recommend you build up some tolerance to THC before using Blue Dream on a regular basis.

The strain is able to offer long lasting symptom relief, without producing couch lock. This strain is one of my own personal favorites aswell, and is one I use on a regular basis.

Key Lime Pie

The last strain to take a look at is Key Lime Pie. This is an Indica-dominant hybrid, and there is a lot of stories out there that point to the fact that it is very effective at limiting seizures. Some have found their seizures stop completely with this strain. Those who suffer from the most debilitating pain that Epilepsy often produces, the strain is good for taking the edge off this pain.

For those of you who are interested in finding out a little but more about strains which help reduce seizures in Epilepsy sufferers, make sure that you have a chat with your local dispensary, who will give you the best advice.

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