If you want to boost your brain and to increase its capacity, there are numerous ways to do it without taking chemical stimulants or other drugs that will help you along the way.

The best way to do it is to take a good night sleep because you will not be able to feel energized both mentally and physically without it.

On the other hand, exercise is another way of promoting overall and brain health. At the same time, you should consume a diet that will help boost your mental health.

That is the main reason why you should choose natural ways to energize both your mind and body. Of course, due to the popularity of modafinil especially among college students, numerous people are finding a way to choose it.

However, before you start taking brain-boosting supplements, or nootropics, you should check our list of natural brain stimulants that will help you boost your cognitive performance:


This is an excellent solution for people that want to improve their mental performances, and it is natural nootropics too. Since we have mentioned above that nootropics are cognitive enhancers or smart drugs, you will understand what they will provide to you.

The main benefits of taking them will help you improve memory, focus, and cognition. One of the best natural nootropics is Huperzine-A because this particular chemical is a natural compound of toothed club moss or Hesperia serrate.

It is the part of an ancient group of plants and grows in Japan and southeast Asia. We all know this particular supplement as acetylcholine inhibitor, that could help you improve focus and gain fuel for both muscles and brain so that you can operate and communicate properly.

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 According to studies, the more acetylcholine you have in your brain, the better improvements there will be, and like the results, your mind will function better than before. It is an excellent addition to Alzheimer’s patients, and other researchers have stated that it can help you block NMDA receptors, improve memory, fight memory loss and cognitive decline.


You are probably thinking that we are making fun of you because most people are drinking coffee on a daily basis and they still experience problems with memory and other issues.

However, when it comes to natural stimulants that will boost your brain cells and cognitive performance, there is no better choice for you and your potential ideas.

Even though it is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and that features some side effects due to overconsumption, if you remain in balance, you will be able to enjoy in its impact along the way.

You probably know that coffee beans directly from fruit are green, and there are two different types known as Coffee Arabica and Coffee canephora, and both of them are native to Africa. It is stimulating because it contains three different alkaloids: caffeine, the bromine, and theophylline.

As we all know, the most potent and primary stimulant that you can find in coffee is caffeine. That is a small molecule that we call adenosine antagonist. It creates stimulation in our brain cells because it affects adenosine signaling. Throughout the day, adenosine will build up in our brain, and as soon as it reaches a specific level, we will start to feel sleepy.

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Caffeine can prevent the sleepy effect, which is why most students and people that are working late are using it. You can rest assured because caffeine can physically block adenosine from binding to receptors. As soon as you block these signals, dopamine will take over, and we will feel less sleepy, energized, and alert.

Apart from caffeine, coffee also features the theobromine, which stimulates the heart and acts as a nervous system stimulant. As soon as liver decides to break down caffeine, it will produce its by-products that we know as theophylline and the theobromine that also feature stimulant effects.

You should also have in mind that caffeine functions as a bronchodilator, which means that it will increase airflow in your lungs. Therefore, if you have an asthma attack and you cannot find inhaler, go to the next cup of coffee, and you will feel immediate relief.