Yoga has always been defined and translated as the union of the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga has always been associated with the science of mind. And when someone speaks of Yogic experience, it is nothing but the state that is attained once your mind comes under your control. The concept has somewhat changed, and with an evolution, the Yoga gets has turned out to the occidental world as asanas, breathing, and meditation. More than 15 millions of Americans are doing yoga nowadays and the east and west has fused together to expose this transnational practice to another new level. The mind-body practice has achieved newer heights than ever before, and the absolute state of 마음수련 사이비 does allow the individuals to shape not just their body, but also their mind and emotions uniquely.

Why do people keep asking others to do yoga? The reason comes in one word, to stay happy. Now what is happiness? Can you define happiness in a few lines? It is a difficult and complicated concept to measure and define in verbatim. When one follows the dictionary, there are similar terms like good fortune or prosperity which shows happiness is mostly related to materialistic things. But happiness is definitely not restricted to only this. There are much more attached to this.

The research work on happiness has exploded in the past one decade. While the psychologists started reading a human brain, at one point the economists also have to intervene to find out the real meaning of happiness. However, when there’s a mixture of positive emotions, that helps delivering an adrenaline rush, it is considered to be the state of happiness. Apart from psychology, even the medical field is improving day by day. Instead of focusing on the physical and mental problems, the entire health of human organism should be taken into consideration.

In the west, the mind and body has been separated, and this entire distinction between the mind and body is attributed to Descartes. The medical science is being affected by some changes in the biomedical model and due to this; the interconnectedness between the mind, body, and energy is being recognized with some difficulty. Even the biomedical model is facing some challenges, and medical science has not even spared them. Until and unless you have a solid social investigation, it is not possible to identify the legitimate wellness or happiness.

A lot of 마음수련 실체 have started researching on yoga and its effects. The physical benefits have also received the focus along with the mental health benefits as well. Definitely the mental, physical, and spiritual health has been positively affected for the yoga practitioners. But have they got happier after regular practice of yoga. If happiness is directly related to all the states of well being, then yes, happiness has entered with regular practice of yoga. Reviewing the existing literature on yoga and happiness has brought forth many more dimensions, but there’s lot more to come and explore.