Even though it won’t last forever, the results from a standard facelift often last a bit longer than a mini facelift and non-surgical options like Botox or fillers. The fact is that no matter how skilled your cosmetic surgeon is, a facelift will not stop the aging process completely. Aging varies in people, occurring at different rates. Hence, the results of your facelift in Atlanta also vary depending on your skin type, aging, and how well you care for the results.

Note that genes are not just the determining factors that determine the duration of the results. Your lifestyle and your habit also play a vital role. To ensure that the results from your facelift last as long as possible, you need to make some changes into your life.  Doing so will ensure that ten years down the road, your face still looks fresh and youthful, and you will be thanking yourself for all the small changes that you made today.

Gravity has a way of pulling down on our muscles; the UV rays from the sun keep damaging the collagen production in our skin, affecting its appearance. For both men and women, facelifts, sometimes in conjunction with an eyelid surgery can help to maintain a more youthful and longer look, regardless of all the affecting factors.

As long as you follow some tips, you can extend the life of your facelift. Here’s how that’s possible.

You Should Focus on Your Overall Health

Although a facelift surgery focuses mainly on external facial features, and smoothens out sagginess and eases the appearance of creases and lines, what you put into your body also has a vital role to play in the results. What you inhale, or drink, and eat all have an impact on the results of your surgery.

Avoid Tobacco Smoking

Smoking or the use of tobacco is just one way to speed up the aging process and undo the results of the surgery. Note that nicotine in cigarettes, as well as other forms of tobacco, has the ability to disrupt the flow of blood. It decreases blood circulation in your skin, preventing it from getting all the nutrients it needs to keep you looking fresh and youthful. Smoking destroys collagen in the dermal layer of the skin, and without collagen, it is likely that your skin will easily droop, and sag, since it has nothing to hold it up.

If you smoke, you have to quit it before the surgery, as most surgeons including board certified ones at Crispin Plastic Surgery strongly recommend that patients quit smoking at least two weeks before the surgery. When you quit before your surgery, this should help prevent the risks of complication and help your body to heal faster post operation. It may be a challenge to quit smoking, but the guidance from your surgeon will help you with the best results and ensure its longevity.

Improve Your Diet

Another best way to improve the life of your facelift is to improve your diet and take a closer at it. The healthier your diet, the more likely your facelift results will be lengthy. You should avoid eating more sugar because it could lead to the production of advanced glycation products, which all play a vital role in your skin aging. Avoid sugary foods and turn to foods that contain more vitamins and nutrients like lean meats, vegetable fruits, and whole grains.

Stay Out of the Scorching Sun

Avoiding sunlight or exposure to the sun will help to maintain your facelift results for a longer time. Ultraviolent light from the sun contributes to the entire aging process, leading to hyper-pigmentation, age spots, lines, and wrinkles. It is important that you avoid exposure to the sun in the first few weeks of your facelift. During this time, your healing skin will be quite sensitive, especially to sunlight. Constant exposure to the sun can lead to problems like discoloration.

You should try to get into the habit of wearing sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30. You can go for a combination product containing sunscreen and moisture, which can make it easier for you to remember to apply. Another precautionary measure from the sunlight is to wear a hat when you head outdoors, wear sunglasses, and avoid heading out during peak times of the sun.

Minimize Stress

The last and most important tip is to smile! Yes, a stressful life will only engrave evidence on your face and everyone will be able to see it. The best ways to minimize your stress is by learning some relaxation techniques, getting some exercise, and participate in activities you enjoy. When you are able to lower your stress level and every other aspect of your mental health, it will ensure the longer results of your facelift.

Please note that following these simple tips has the power to keep you looking a lot younger for many years to come.