I have tried numerous different treatment methods to try and counteract my anxiety, but none seem to help. I have recently started to take medicinal cannabis to help keep my anxiety at bay, but unless you grow it yourself, it can get quite expensive.

This is why growing your own is the most cost-effective way to go about getting your daily supply. Of course, at first, the thought of growing your own cannabis can be scary. If you use autoflower strains, you are more likely to achieve a better yield and end result. Autoflower strains tend to be more resistant to pests and can thrive under less than optimal growing conditions. In order to source seeds for your own growing pursuits, we would highly recommended that you use Anubis Seeds. They are a reliable and well-known seed merchants and have a lot of different seeds available for sale at excellent prices.

Here are some tips to maximize the chances of a successful grow.

Research Before Beginning

Make sure you bring yourself up to speed by reading a bit about the growing process. This will save you both time and money. There are lots of excellent video tutorials on YouTube that you can sit down and watch. This is how I learnt about the basics of growing my own, and they were all really helpful. Forums and industry blogs are also useful, and if you ask questions, people will be more than happy to help you out.

Persistence & Patience

Don’t get too disheartened if the results of your first grow are not what you expected them to be. Growing cannabis to gain excellent yields needs persistence and patience in abundance, but the more you do it, the more success you will find. It is important to learn from your mistakes, and you will notice improvements.

Medicinal cannabis has not only been known to help with the symptoms of anxiety, but it also helps with other conditions too. For example, it is excellent for reducing chronic pain from severe back pain. It can be used to reduce pain instead of opioids with no side effects. There is a real problem of patients becoming addicted to opioids and medicinal cannabis is known to be a good “exit drug” for people looking to reduce their addiction. It wasn’t so long ago that there was a myth that cannabis acted as an “entry drug” for harder drugs. Now, the opposite is considered true. Of course, it is important to research which strains produce an effect, as some strains can actually make problems worse. For example, strains very high in THC can in fact make anxiety and depression symptoms worse, so don’t just use any strain.

For more information on what seeds to try, we would recommend that you head over to https://www.anubis-seeds.co.uk/shop/, where there is a range of many excellent autoflowering strains for you to choose from. What strains have you found useful for your anxiety, and what strains have not worked? Let me know!