Collagen is a very important substance to the functionality of the body and when there is a deficiency, it affects just about every part of the body. Collagen is the glue that basically holds everything inside together, according to It is made up of primarily amino acids and it also makes up more than 30% of the proteins found inside the body.

What purpose does it play in the body?

Collagen is what helps to keep the elasticity typically found in the connective tissues. These connective tissues include the tendons, ligament, muscles, cartilage, and the skin, as well as the bones of the body. As we age, the amount of collagen found in these connective tissues has a tendency to be reduced. This reduction in elasticity tends to show up prominently within the skin and a you will likely notice reduced mobility of the joints in the body if you are deficient in collagen.

How is collagen distributed throughout the body?

To be able to better understand how collagen affects the functionality of the body, you need to understand how much the major parts of the body are made up from collagen. Below is a list of where collagen is found in the body and what % amounts are contained within each:

Joint cartilage          70%

Bones                      90%

Skin                         75%

Tendinous muscles    6%

Ligaments                70%

Tendons                   85%

As you can see, these are sizeable percentages, so you can see how important collagen is to you.

What are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen Peptides, also referred to as hydrolyzed collagen, or collagen hydrolysates, are tiny peptides that are found as the result of breaking down collagen at the molecular level by attacking parts that bind the strands together. Hydrolysis is the method that is used within the body to break down the collagen protein into smaller collagen peptides.

Collagen peptides are much more digestible, which makes them more bioavailable. Collagen peptides are highly water soluble (in cold water), extremely digestible and easily absorbed into the body. On the other hand, gelatin which is the result of partially hydrolyzed collagen, dissolves only in hot water and is less absorbable.

What are the primary functions of Collagen Peptides?

It is believed that since collagen peptides are highly digestible and bioavailable, they are the perfect solution for feeding the tissues of the body like the joints, skin and bones to help them feel like new.

Since collagen peptides are cold water soluble, they are a far better option when it comes to being used as an ingredient in foods, drinks, and supplements, over gelatin. Since gelatins require hot water to dissolve, they are frequently used in coating, such as capsules.

As you can see collagen and collagen peptides play a significant role in the proper function of the body and you should take great care in eating properly to ensure that you are getting the right amounts of them from the foods you eat.

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