There may be many common issues when you can’t just bother your family doctor or medical practitioner. They are minor fever, headache, and exhaustion due to lack of sleep or overworking. But, there may be situations when you need to contact your doctor and take medical help on an emergency basis. Fever in kids may result from any sort of infection. It is important to try out over-the-counter medication to control fever. When it comes to adults, prolonged fever is the sign of serious medical condition. If the body temperature fails to reduce for a month or two, there is some major problem. Doctor on call should be summoned if the temperature reaches to abnormal levels. Whenever there is any medical emergency, you may call the doctor available for all 24 hours. If there is any pain or ache in the body, the doctor will ask about previous medical history. The service of an emergency doctor is even needed when you are suffering from any serious ailment. So, make sure you have the contact number of the doctor at your speed dial.

Immediate medical attention required for certain conditions

If anyone is suffering from Cancer, Aids, Kidney problem, rise in body temperature cannot be ignored. When there is any immune system deficiency, fever may be the result of inflammation in the body. Even if there is sudden rise in temperature when you are not suffering from such diseases, you may contact the doctor. He will prescribe certain medications to give relief from fever.

Sudden skin rashes

If you notice skin rashes all of a sudden, call the doctor. It might result from some kind of allergy. Skin flare-up cannot be avoided under any circumstance. If you are bothered about the rash, do give call to the doctor. Random rash can bother anyone. Give call to the doctor only after trying out over-the-counter creams and medicines. If you experience burning sensation on the skin, itchy skin or too many spots on the skin, contact the doctor. The spots may even change color, bleed and grow or spread to other regions also.

Constant anxiety is the cause of concern

Anxiety in certain situations like forthcoming wedding or results declaration is quite normal. But, if you are anxious all the time, lose sleep over small issues, you should see the doctor. Medical attention is needed since the person may harm himself. 

Chronic bad breath

Are you having bad breath? Chronic bad breath can result from various conditions like lung problem, kidney disease, cancer or issues in the intestine. To remedy bad breath and to detect underlying condition, you have to contact the doctor. The doctor can even prescribe you RBS test or Random Blood Sugar Test. The test will detect any fluctuation in blood glucose level.

Too much belching is not healthy

Burping is not bad and most people are not concerned. But, it can pose problem if one belches too many times. Belching frequently is also a bad sign. It is important to contact medical professional if you are disturbed of frequent belching. Frequent belching can result from bloating, diarrhea, burning chest and a sudden weight loss.

Typhoid test can be prescribed if you have high fever. You should approach the best doctor for the treatment. The service of an emergency 24 hour doctor is more needed than the regular doctor.